Skijor America like NASJA are organizations that expands the sport of equestrian Ski joring in North America. Their goal together is keeping athletes, horses and spectators safe and by creating a fair and competitive arena for all competitors to compete.

Skijor America is adding a marketing engine for regional and national corporations with products that appeal to people that love the outdoors, extreme sports, great competition, skiing, horses, cowboys and beautiful mountain towns.

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vintage ski joring

The equestrian sport of ski joring. A little bit of history on this unique and amazing sport and what’s going  on such as the What, When, Where and the How to of the race’s that NASJA is involved in around the world.

    • Organized races since 1999
    • First sanctioned race Frisco, Colorado, Jan. 2000
    • Sanctioned races now held in Quebec, Canada


The North American Ski Joring Association (NASJA) is a COMPETITOR’S ORGANIZATION that exists for the integrity, safety and growth of the sport of Equestrian Skijoring. By joining NASJA, a competitor is assured that the venue of competition will be equally competitive and will have safeguards in place not only for the riders and skiers, but especially for the equestrian stock.

Therefore, competitors are asked to adhere to certain simple NASJA guidelines. A NASJA technical delegate will be provided to assist at every sponsored race to help race organizers uphold competitive and safety standards.

Your NASJA membership also enables competitors to acquire points for the North American

Championship title, an event bringing the season to a close. Another benefit of membership is that all NASJA venues, race results and rankings are readily accessible on WWW.NASJA.COM. NASJA will continue to support new races and provide centralized media for North American and global communication.